Design for AllKind.
Design for AllKind.
Circular fashion design and strategy to benefit all living things.


Over the last four years, Annie has served the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute's Fashion Positive Initiative and in the last two years served as the Director. Annie launched and leads Fashion Positive's first membership collaborative, and the first collaborative of its kind, Plus, a group of brands—like H&M and Eileen Fisher—working together to create materials for circular fashion. Through her tenure as Director, Annie has collaborated with a wide-range of circular systems orchestrators, including NGO's, Certifications and Standards, brands, and designers with the goal of identifying areas of intersection and mutual benefit to accelerate circular goals.

Annie wrote Fashion Fibers: Designing for Sustainability, a resource book  that showcases her deep knowledge of sustainable fibers production, use and design. Over the years, Annie has grown knowledge and passion for chemical recycling and blends separation solutions and has engaged with innovators to ensure their innovations are built for safety and circulation. As a consultant, her years of experience and high level of expertise are at your disposal.

Learning and Tools Development to navigate the pathway to Cradle to Cradle and circular fashion:

Tools developed for Brands  
Tools developed for Designers 
Tools developed for Material Innovators 

Stella McCartney's Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold Wool Yarn

Fashion Positive's library of open-access Cradle to Cradle Certified materials

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You have been such a guiding light in our ongoing journey, and it has been a tremendously positive experience - can’t thank you enough! Onwards together!
— Inka Apter, Eileen Fisher
I pass along the same recommendation that was given to me 4 years ago when I looking for a person to join our Fashion Positive team - “run, don’t walk, to Annie. She is made for this work and will not disappoint.” Not only did she not disappoint, she thrilled us, our partners, funders and Board. Annie helped take the seeds of a program and develop it into a globally recognized program for identification and verification of better materials for circular fashion. Not only is she a tremendous joy to work with, Annie is continuously bringing her “A game” to everything she does. A creative mind and strategic thinker, continuous improvement and solving problems is her talent. I do not doubt that any company, supplier or other future client of Annie’s will gain greatly from having her work with their team. She is a most solid person with integrity and a great personal passion for making our work a better place in all her affairs - particularly with her family and work family. “Annies” don’t come along very often. Grab her while you can!
— Lewis Perkins, President, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute