Design for AllKind.
Design for AllKind.
Circular fashion design and strategy to benefit all living things.


With our deep experience and knowledge spanning sustainable, innovative and circular materials and product development, circular design strategies, chemistry, chemical recycling innovations, education, workshop development and facilitation, marketing communications … we are proud to offer you 1-on-1 Consultation Sessions.

Due to the enthusiasm, need and overwhelming outreach that we have received from companies who need guidance, we are now offering
1-hour consultation sessions, with no ongoing commitment, to make our services available to small and medium-sized businesses. We love supporting companies who have ambitious goals to change the fashion industry, and we recognize that sometimes these companies have smaller budgets for services like ours. We truly want to support you.

You can schedule one session to try us out, or schedule a session when you need us. Or, schedule ongoing sessions so we can provide continued support.

These 1-hour sessions will be driven by your needs and questions. During these sessions we can help you do any of the following:

  • Identify and work from a core set of circular design principles, and share existing design guides and resources

  • Understand circular economy strategies and principles and point you to reliable sources of education and knowledge

  • Understand the fashion industry “constellation” —a system with manufacturers, suppliers, brands, retailers, NGO’s, membership collaboratives, certification standards, innovators, resellers, renters and recyclers (and more!)—and gain and understanding of how these puzzle pieces fit together

  • Clarify your unique position and offering in the constellation, with a goal of amplifying your offerings, expertise and abilities

  • Identify Circular Strategy methods that could work for current or new business, and point you to supporting technology and solution providers

  • Identify how to leverage the power of your wardrobe and closet to explore and identify new creative design and business model methods for your company

  • Grow your knowledge of Circular Business Models for fashion, share current examples, and help identify a possible model that could work for your business

  • Review your sustainable/circular materials strategy, answer your questions, and guide you toward new ideas and suppliers

  • Select the right sustainability and environmental quality standard for your products or materials that will help you achieve your goals and give you the most impact

  • Grow your understanding and portfolio of Chemical Recycling Technologies and solutions, capabilities and limitations; and possibly put you in direct contact with new start-ups and innovators

  • Understand current gaps of knowledge and research, and how to move forward despite the gaps

  • Review your Communications and Marketing positioning as it relates to environmental and sustainability messaging, and ensure the messaging is truthful, unique and not “greenwashing”

  • Grow your understanding of existing and fashion industry circular and sustainable memberships, collaboratives and initiatives, and help you identify which would be the most impactful for you to join

  • Ensure that your new membership collaborative or initiative is unique in relation to existing initiatives, and provide advisement on how to approach the development, identify who to partner with, strategies to grow, and explore fundraising ideas

  • Ensure that your circular design strategies are systems-based, aiming to consider any possible unintended consequences

  • Navigate engagement and dialogue in the fashion value chain, specifically through its newer parts—innovators/start-ups, new initiatives and NGO’s and new materials


Past & Present Engagements

Since 2009, we have engaged with many small-to-large-size brands, designers, suppliers organizations, NGO's, foundations—from H&M, Prabal Gurung, Walmart Foundation, Pratibha Syntex to Stella McCartney, G-Star, Ellen MacArthur Foundation to Eileen Fisher and others— all to make progress for circular fashion.